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Update: 1st July Totals on the left have been updated.Over 3600 Entrants!
Update: 28th June Totals on the left have been updated.Nearly 3500 Entrants!
Update: 27th June Totals on the left have been updated.
Update: 26th June Nearly up to 3300 signups! Totals on the left have been updated.
Update: 25th June Just passed 3000 signups! Totals on the left have been updated.

Got back late last night from a great trip and wedding in Dubai. Thanks to The ODI for looking after the site in my absence and Penguin Josh, The Strog and Dharmageddon for posting all the polls you have been submitting. I'm currently working my way through a huge backlog of emails and submissions which I will be answering and posting over the next 48 hours or so.

Also, to let you know we now have nearly 3,000 submissions for the Fantasy League and 2,900 for the Prediction League. I suspect the submissions will stay open for about 1 more month so make sure you get your entries in. Shown is the latest table for the Fantasy League for all the mini-leagues/sites that will be competing. Remember to let the sites that you are playing for know that they have about 1 month left for submissions.

(Note: If anyone is a member of the Fuselage, Lost-Forum, BuddyTV and or The Tailsection, can you make a post in the relevant forum as I'm surprised by the lack of submissions from there).

We also have nearly 1200 players signed up for the Episode Cup Bracket Cup. Make sure you sign up before the end of month deadline!

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