DarkUFO - Lost

Update: 2nd Feb It looks like we are over the worst of the issues we had yesterday. One of the servers that houses the Media players, Site Graphic and videos decided to kick out it's internet cable :) If you have any problems still they the following.

1) Hit Refresh on the page you are having problems with
2) Clear out your browser cache and try the page again
3) If that fails please email me and let me know the page and section that you are having problems with.

Due to the increased traffic there have been a number of issues with the site. It's slowly coming back up but you may notice a few graphics missing. If the site is not loading properly for your, press pressing F5 to refresh and most of the site should be back up. Buttons in the main banner are still missing. We are working on this as we speak.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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