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Here is the new recap by J.Wood.

Hurley's bitchin' Camaro car chase is a nice metaphor for how season four premiered compared to past seasons. The first three seasons always began with the focus on a new group of islanders, and it would take an episode or two to really pick up steam. This season's premiere blew past all that and began where season three left off — in a weird, disorienting place. We're starting in a flashforward, but it's prior to the flash-forwards seen in "Through the Looking Glass." Future Jack's proclamations to Future Kate that they need to go back are at odds with what pre-beard Future Jack says to Future Hurley, "We're never going back," which suggests we're in store for a slew of Future character developments. The standard eyeball shot didn't even come until half-way through, when Hurley peered into Jacob's shack and someone else peered back. Christian's not the only walking dead anymore, and it seems Hurley will be a more pivotal figure in events to come, while Ben's role is diminished to something of a punching bag. But amidst all the disorientation, the fierce symmetry of the narrative remains. I don't think too many in the audience were displeased.

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