DarkUFO - Lost

Update: 20:00 GMT I've just been informed that we did in fact see an Oceanic Logo in this episode. I've updated the points and tables accordingly. Congrats to maskdmirag for being the early leader.
Update: 17:30 GMT Please note this is NOT the same as the Fantasy League which will be posted later in the week :)
Update: 08:00 GMT The updated table and points have been posted. That will teach me to post before checking ;)
Update: 07:30 GMT There is a slight problem with some scores and points. I'll be revising the totals and table shortly.

I hope you all enjoyed the premiere and coupled with the news that the strike is as good as over I present the first update of the prediction league.

Click the link below to see the full table. It is sorted by the first part of the email address that you signed up with. To the left are the current Table toppers.

Full League Table

How did you fare this week? Did you score well? Sound off in the comments :) With 15 episodes to go there is plenty of time for the leader board to change drastically.

Below are the points were scored this weeks episode, The Begining of the End.

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