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Thanks to Xannie for the following ratings info. It looks like Lost live viewers is around 16.1 Million which is a little lower than my 16.8 predication :) It looks like DarkUFO reader jimmyeatworld23 was the closest with 16.23 million.

"LOST" ratings are in! Check them out and see how the new ABC drama "Eli Stone" and a 2-hour "Celebrity Apprentice" did, after the jump. Plus, did "LOST" hurt "Supernatural"?

The fourth-season premiere of ABC’s "LOST" delivered the best numbers in more than a year for the hit mystery drama last night, scoring 16.07 million viewers and lifting the network to an easy first-place finish on the first night of sweeps.

"LOST" also averaged a very strong 6.7 rating among adults 18-49, its best since its November 2006 fall finale. "LOST" also made a 2-hour "Celebrity Apprentice" hit season low and it gave "Eli Stone" a strong push helping it win its timeslot.

Overall, "LOST" helped ABC win the first night of sweeps, a rare treat - it happened for the second time since 1991. The third season finale of "LOST" in May 2007 pulled in a much weaker 13.65 million viewers.

8:00pm Lost: Past, Present & Future (13.1 million)
9:00pm Lost (16.07 million)
10:02pm Eli Stone (11.62 million)

8:00pm CSI: NY (R) (8.8 million)
9:00pm CSI: (R) (11.9 million)
10:00pm Without a Trace (R) (10.4 million)

8:00pm My Name Is Earl (R) (5.3 million)
8:30pm The Office (R) (4.5 million)
9:00pm Celebrity Apprentice (7.8 million)

8:00pm Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (10.6 million)
9:00pm Don't Forget the Lyrics! (10 million)

8:00pm Smallville (3.82 million)
9:00pm Supernatural (2.99 million)

Source: elevisionista

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