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Thanks to Mike for the following interview which contains very mild spoilers at the end of the article.

Michael Emerson first appeared on Lost late in Season 2. A veteran of New York theater, an Emmy winner for a guest starring role on The Practice, and known to horror fans for his role in the first Saw, Emerson was initially signed to only appear in a handful of Lost episodes. But very quickly Emerson's performance as the character Benjamin Linus – don't let that Henry Gale alias fool you – proved to be incredibly dynamic and engrossing, making him someone the audience was immediately intrigued by. As a result, Emerson found himself elevated to a lead role in Season 3, with Ben quickly becoming central to much of the action and back story on the series.

I spoke to Emerson early in November, as he was in Hawaii, in the midst of filming the seventh episode of Lost's upcoming fourth season. When we spoke the writers' strike had not begun but was imminent – in fact, it began mere days later. As Emerson speculated to me at the time would likely be the case, we have since learned that Lost was able to complete eight of the sixteen episodes they had planned for Season 4 before the strike caused them to cease production for the time being.

During our conversation, Emerson and I spoke about his role as Ben, fan reaction to the character and what's to come in Season 4.

Source: IGN

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