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Thanks to Lyly for the heads up and thanks to Sawyer840 for the image.

The cast, crew and production office work extremely closely with us to bring you the best magazine possible, and now, we’ve got our own online ‘hatch’ if you will, with this new Blog zone as part of ABC.com. On a regular basis, I’ll be bringing you up-to-date, as we have it teasers and info on every forthcoming issue of the Lost magazine. Issue #14 is out now, but what does #15 (out February 15) have in store? Well, I can confirm the following at this time:

• It will be a 100-page special, celebrating the arrival of the new season.
• Evangeline Lilly talks extensively about the Kate/Jack/Sawyer situation.
• Lost’s VFX team reveal their personal fave 10 effects so far.
• Michael Giacchino talks exclusively about the Lost Symphony and its future.

...and I’ll be posting more previews of this forthcoming BIG edition very soon.

OK, one more thing: the cover stars?

• Hurley. Jack. Kate. Sawyer!

The star of our rare variant cover?

• Sayid!


Source: ABC

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