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The Hanso Awards

Back in July we ran this story about a strange Hanso Awards item that was seen very briefly in a TV News Segment. I managed to track down the people who produced the item and we now have the full story.

Thanks to Don from Graco Awards/USAccolades for the following email and excellent photos.

This is Don from Graco Awards/USAccolades. A while back you had sent a couple e-mails back and forth with my boss, Carol Hadley, about an Acrylic Lost Piece that was seen on a local news broadcast here in Houston. I know this is REALLY late, but I wanted to send you a few Pictures of the Final Piece. It turned out really good. This whole thing started because we had ordered a bunch of New Items for our display room. It was my job to come up with layouts for all those pieces so we could display them. Me, being the Lost Fanatic I am, took that as an opportunity to design the kind of award I would like to see. Almost like an inside joke to any Lost Fans that happened to drop by the showroom. Plus a few of the girls in the front office are Lost Fans so I knew they would get a kick out of it, too. I just tried to think about what Alvar Hanso would put on award he would give to a Faithful Dharma Employee. :) Then I redrew the logos myself from pictures I found online and came up with the saying. When I read all the posts about it on your site I was amazed how my attempt at a silly inside joke sparked so much interest and story line ideas. Sorry to say it's not an Official Lost item. That would be Awesome. And my apologies to your readers for getting their hopes up. Although I did get them all thinking so it can't be all bad, right? Plus, you never know what may happen once/if you post the Final Pictures. :) So yeah, there you have it. The long overdue story behind the Mysterious Lost Award. I hope you and your fans like the pictures.

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Source: Don@Graco Awards/USAccolades

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