DarkUFO - Lost

Congratulations to yesterdays 4 winners who will be progressing through to the next round.

Walt's Comic and Locke's knives held off a strong challenge from Juliet's storyboard and I was a little sad to see Karl's brainwashing glasses go out at an early stage.

Also through were the two heavyweights of the Swan Orientation Film and the Blast Door map created by the mysterious Radzinsky before he blew his head off.

Today's matchups I feel will be a little closer as in Poll 1 they bring us Hurley's Dharma van, Charlie Driveshaft ring, Eko's killing machine the machete, Ben's Doll, Bernard's abandoned S.O.S sign and the Swan Station Computer that kept it's occupants so busy during their stay.

In Poll 2 we have indestructible Mikhail's eye patch, Juliet's reading material Carrie, Sun's Pregnancy Test, Jack's Tattoos, Hurley's not so lucky Lottery Ticket and Claire's pregnant belly.

Which will you vote for and why?

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