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Thanks to sawyerrules for the info/translation of some of the commentary on the S3 DVD which a number of lucky people in Brazil are starting to explore. This is a translation so some may not read that well. It is for Disk 2 I am assuming.

Here are the comments on DVD about "I DO":

There`s Kate and Sawyer who are two characters…There`s this obviously… there’s this incredible thing happening between them, they`re both afraid of, you know this sort of intimacy and kind of a connection. They are drown and afraid of the feelings that they have about each other at the same time."

Carlton Cuse:
About the flashback:

It’s actually more difficult to her stay in that house and cook breakfast, and be a little housewife than it is for her to break rocks and sleep in a cage. There’s all this contrasts that happen that I just love because I think the island represents who she truly is in her heart. And the flashbacks represent who she wishes she was."

Evi, about the sex scene:

This was such a big moment on the show where these characters, kind of finally consummate their relationship. It was great, I mean, you think about it, you know, in a show in a television show to basically go 55 hours before two characters who are in love - “Aww it`s beautiful"- with each other actually finally consummate and make love. It’s really amazing. And I think it was just as a starting point of the
relationship really kind of deepening it and existing in a different level. It was really a great scene

Evi about post-coital scene:

I was really pleased and glad when I saw that after the sex there was this “post-coital” scene because I wanted it to be really clear that Kate and Sawyer didn`t have just a weakness moment of lust when they gave in to their desires. But that they actually realize, physically realized something that was inside of them, emotionally. I believe that scene provided that and proved and supported what we were trying to show in previous cage scene. It was really nice to read that and feel
that they were honoring the emotional.

Carlton :And when Sawyer says “I love you” to Kate was such a huge moment to us, on the writing because just that knowledge from him was such a hard thing for him, was such a hard thing for that character get to that place.

Josh :And was difficult to play because it was so, can not be melodramatic, and was a fine line.

Carlton :And the way like he talks it off like but you know committing with that but without having to doing in a too clearly way.

About the "I love you" meaning:

Evi :Here on the island she’s got a guy who is kind of flipping it over when she is not even looking at him and it seems to mean so much more.

Carlton :Yeah! That`s cool.

Carlton:It was an element that added intensity to the scene, and rain is really metaphorically and significant in the show. When there`s rain, bad things tend to happen.

Josh :We made this scene more dramatic, the fight not to die more significant and came out of that emotion that being constantly beat and not doing anything about it.

Evi :I think Kate and Sawyer are both fighters.

Josh :Yeah, than doesn’t make sense they both just laying down so we had to add this little bit.

Evi :And I think them also both for the first time maybe in their lives have something whorth fighting for. And that`s what kind of breaks my heart in this scene, I think that Kate displayed some of the girly qualities you've never seen her playing. She`s weak and weepy about the whole thing. But for me, where I came from that “I just for the first time maybe ever I`m finally connected to someone and feel
like I have something, here something that worth fighting for, something what living for and now I`m being taken away. And I feel Sawyer is in the same situation. Is the first time in his life that he found someone that he can love and now he`s about to be killed.

Source: Lostie Girls

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