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Congratulations to Ben and Hurley, who both easily won their matchups. Richard Alpert and Tom will definitely be missed, but their elimination now will provide us with a more exciting Round 3.

Speaking of excitement, tonight's matchups have been both highly anticipated and highly dreaded. One last Main vs. Main? *gasp!* That means Locke vs. Desmond, right? Wrong!


Congratulations to the few of you who either realized or suspected my ruse. No, I do not consider Libby a main character, but to freak you all out, and add some weight to the tournament, I accepted Lostpedia's billing of Libby as a main character, just this once. Otherwise, the last few matchups of Round 2 would have been predictable and less interesting. Mwa ha ha! I am evil, but it was fun, wasn't it- thinking two heavyweights were duking it out?

Anyway, tonight's other matchup pits John Locke against Desmond's girl. It's more than likely that this is Penny's last stand, but who knows? Maybe a legion of angry and determined Desmond fans will oust one of the early favorites.

We'll just have to wait and see. :->

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Since we have a large American contingent of voters, I wanted to take the time to alert you all to the fact that the Character Cup WILL continue to run over the Labor Day weekend, and on Labor Day itself. So, be sure to check out the site and vote amongst your festivities.

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