DarkUFO - Lost

Deleted from "Outlaws"

[Kate and Sawyer return from their boar hunt.]

Kate is returning from her boar hunt with Sawyer and she's arguing about having carte blanche with Sawyer's stuff.

KATE: A deal’s a deal.
SAWYER: The deal was for toiletries.
KATE: No, carte blanche, whatever I want. And I want the gun.
SAWYER: I didn’t kill the damn hog.
KATE: You said you wanted help to find it, we found it.
SAWYER: [stopping] Jack asked me for the gun two days ago. That why you came on this trek? To do your doctor boyfriend a favour?
KATE: You asked for help, I helped you. You don’t like the deal, it’s not my problem.
[Kate walks off. Sawyer looks angry/hurt.]

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