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More info on the Lost Game

31st August: 14:50 GMT
Peacefrog has kindly sent us a more detailed description based on the magazine article.

Update: 31st August
Thanks to Leslie's a Bitchin Name for posting some additional information over in the Media Mentions section of the site.

Thanks to peacefrog for the following info on the new lost game.

This month's EGM magazine has a 4 page art. on the Game. Not much new info but they interview D&C about the way the story differs from the shows story. The game will cover the arc of a new charactor, Elliot, from the plane crash to the "answer" for this charactor. They hint that the game will include tons of easter eggs for fans, and may hint at answers for the show.

They plainly state however that no show answers would be given away, out of respect for the shows fans. The game will be seven 1 1/2 hour episodes with cliffhangers, playable flashbacks, cameos from most of the majors, and will cover seasons 1-3 from Elliots perspective. One cool thing to note was that D&C said that we will be visiting places that we may have wanted to see in the show, but never will. One example given was the area behind the cement wall in the hatch.

The hatch is gone now, but in the game the player will get to explore more thoroughly, and may even get to see where this magnetic force comes from!

The game runs on UBISOFTS Ghost recon advanced warfighter game engine, and is due around the same time as season 4. Hope this is news to you. Thanks, Peacefrog

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