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How about that! We finally had two close matchups for a change. But sadly, though all four characters seemed to be well-liked, only two were able to move on to Round 3. So, congrats to Walt and Charlie. Christian Shephard and Jin both managed to make the decision making difficult for us, but they just couldn't quite pull it off.

With the conclusion of these matchups, we are already halfway through Round 2! Exciting as that may seem, it also means that some harder choices are looming ahead of us in Round 3 and beyond. In fact, I teased you all in the comments that tonight's matchups would include yet another gut-wrenching twister. Maybe it's just me, but it just doesn't seem nice of the hat to pit Sun against Juliet in only the second round.

That's right, matchup #1 is Sun vs. Juliet. Both are strong female characters and both have their followings with fans. Who's going to win this cat fight?

In the second matchup of the evening, we see the man with 9 lives (er, well maybe just 2) going up against the Losties' resident convict. Mikhail vs. Kate is sure to make for another interesting day of voting and commenting, of which there was no lack of in the last 24 hours.


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