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While the votes weren't very close at all, reading your comments shows that yesterday's matchups weren't the easiest decision to make. In the end, Juliet and Kate were victorious, sending Sun and Mikhail to the great Character Cup hereafter.

But the insanity hasn't stopped yet, has it? There is still one more Main vs. Main matchup left in Round 2. But it isn't tonight, though we do see a pair of main character in action. I'll let you all do the math on that one and figure out what it means.

On to tonight's matchups! As I said, there's two main characters involved, though not against each other. In the first matchup, we're forced to play "Who's Your Favorite Other," as the head honcho takes on one of his minions. Will Ben snuff out another opponent, or does Richard Alpert have what it takes to topple his boss?

In the second matchup, another Other takes on an Other-killer. Will Tom go the distance and spoil Hurley's momentum, or will everyone's favorite plus-size jokester have yet another victory to hoot about?

Let's find out! :-)

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