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While many of us Arzt fans feel that his loss to Ms. Hawking was the first true upset of the tourney, we have seen the first significant upset in the form of part-timer Danielle Rousseau taking out main cast member Claire Littleton. This just goes to show you that even main Losties are not safe from elimination, though Claire did keep it reasonably close.

The second matchup was much more predictable. Our Sawyer was no less brutal with the original Sawyer in their Cup mathchup than he was in the brig of the Black Rock. Rocketing out to the highest margin of victory so far this round, James Ford reigned supreme over Anthony Cooper in the Battle of the Sawyers.

Tonight we get a little taste of what's likely in store for future rounds- seemingly difficult decisions between strong characters. The first matchup is pits someone's son against someone's dad. It's Walt vs. Christian Shephard.

The second matchup is where the heartache will lie. In a matchup that may stir up some debate, Jin will try his luck against the very popular Charlie. Will the Korean topple the Brit, or will sympathy for Charlie's death carry him through to the next round?

We'll find out in about a day, once you've all voted. :-)

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