DarkUFO - Lost

First of all, belated congratulations are in order for Juliet, the winner of the 'Best in Show' award for Round 1 pictures. I personally favored Eko, but it seems Juliet's breasts overpowered the warlord-turned-priest.

Next, congratulations to Jack and Michael! They both easily defeated their challengers and move on to what will likely be a heavyweight-filled third round. Aaron and Cindy had their time in the sun and have gone to that great big Island in the sky. At least as far as the Cup goes.

Tonight, those of you who are so committed to this site that you check it out on Saturday and Sunday, our 'weekend warriors' if you will, are treated to the first of four Main vs. Main matchups in Round 2. Will Boone be sacrificed for a second time, or will Sayid fall short? Also up tonight, Mr. Eko takes on a character that got through Round 1 by the luck of the draw- Liam Pace. Will Eko give him a whoopin' with his Jesus stick, or will the former rock god find redemption yet again?

Let's all vote and see.

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