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It should come as little surprise to any of us that Mr. Eko and Sayid beat their competition. It was certainly surprising to see Sayid lay so much hurt on Boone, with a wider-than-expected margin of victory. Perhaps all the Boone fans took the weekend off.

Anyway, they're in the winner's circle with Jack and Michael until the start of Round 3, which keeps looking like a heavy-weight round (at this rate anyway).

Tonight, the hat has selected combatants who have histories with each other, in one way or another. First up we have the mother of everyone's favorite Island baby taking on the woman who helped her escape her captors, yet kidnapped her baby only weeks later. Will Claire continue the trend of main characters only so far in Round 3, or will Rousseau provide us the first upset of the second round?

We have already seen what happened when the characters in the second matchup met in real life on the Island. Will the results be the same in the Cup? The diabolical Anthony Cooper tries his luck in a rematch against Sawyer.

Vote away and be vocal in your support of tonight's matchups! :-)

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