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The book has been closed on Round 1, but before we move ahead, let's have a moment of silence for the following characters who didn't make the cut:

Alex Rousseau/Linus, Ana-Lucia Cortez, Bea Klugh, Bernard Nadler, Carmen Reyes, Cassidy Phillips, Charles Widmore, Danny Pickett, Dr. Leslie Arzt, Goodwin, Helen, Jacob, Jae Lee, Karl, Kelvin Joe Inman, Leonard Simms, Marvin Candle, Mr. Paik, Naomi, Nikki Fernandez, Noor "Nadia" Abed Jazeem, Paulo, Randy Nations, Richard Malkin, Rose Nadler, Roger Linus, Sarah Shephard, Shannon Rutherford, Steve Jenkins, Susan Lloyd, US Marshal Edward Mars, and Yemi Tunde.

If you are looking for an engaging evaluation of Round 1, I highly suggest you check out the post written by Luhks in the Forum section of the site. He did a great job and it's an excellent read. I also wrote up a rehash of Round 1, if you really have nothing better to do than to read Lost fan-sites all day. :-P

So here we are! Round 2! After what some would call an uneventful first round, we are faced with a much tighter second round of action. My non-virtual hat heard your cries for matchups between main characters, and it delivered. I must say that I some of the matchups left me heartbroken, knowing that several characters I like will be hard pressed to make it to the next round.

The hat made it very difficult for me to confidently predict several winners. The voting should be closer this round, and there's plenty of potential for an upset or two.

So let's get on with it! The first matchup of Round 2 fittingly pits two of the most hotly debated characters in the Cup against each other. It's uncle against nephew as Jack takes on Aaron. The second matchup involves two characters who, while on different parts of the plane, got to know each other somewhat under extenuating circumstances on the Island. Will Michael defeat Cindy, or is she popular enough to create an upset?

Let's find out! Vote! Discuss!

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