DarkUFO - Lost

Congratulations to both Walt and Locke, winners of the last matchups. They were certainly easy favorites to win and the votes reflected their stunning popularity. Walt shut down Mama Reyes and Locke blew Jae Lee out of the water (or perhaps off his balcony is more accurate) for our second-widest margin of victory so far in the tournament. Try as he might, fanboy favorite Locke just missed out on tying Hurley's 97-3 margin. Thanks to 94 rabid Jae Lee fans (who knew?), Locke has to play second string to Hurley in the record book...for now.

We are now 1/4 of the way through the first round of action in the main tourney. Haven't seen your favorite(s) yet? They're all but certain to be coming soon (unless of course you're a huge fan of Ivan or Aldo- can't help you with them).

Today bring a few more minor characters into the fray, with one series regular in the ring as well.

We've got a showdown between two of the worst fathers in the history of television, and a faceoff between an abductor and an abductee. Vote for your favorites and feel free to discuss, rant, argue and flame away in the comment section.

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