DarkUFO - Lost

After several blow-out victories in a row, we finally had a close one! Congratulations to Christian Shephard and Boone. They will move on to Round 2. Christian Shephard easily trounced Steve Jenkins, one of our Prelim winners. But the real story of the day was Boone holding off Dr. Marvin Candle/Mark Wickmund/Edgar Halowax/whatever he decides to call himself each morning. Candle started off with strong numbers, but Boone caught up and passed him. For a time it looked like Candle was making a comeback, but the first main character to die on Lost held his ground in the end by less than 140 votes!

Tonight we see a very racially diverse set of competitors. In each matchup it is a battle of young versus old. Young Walter Lloyd (or WAAALT!!! if you will) faces off against Hurley's mama, while it's a battle of the baldies between Jae Lee and fanboy favorite John Locke.

Who will win a shot at Round 2 next? Cast your votes and stick around for the ride. And as a side note, let's try and keep the conversation focused on the current matchups at hand.

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