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Update: 13th August
We recieved a personal update from Jorge Garcia to let us know that filming will be start a week later, maybe next Wednesday/Thursday.

This is probably due to a Hurricane that is expected to come close to Hawaii.

Thanks to Lyly for find a post over at The Fuselage where Jorge Garcia confirms that filming starts this Thursday. Hopefully our network of Hawaiian based spies can start to bring us some spoilers to keep us busy until next Feb. Be sure to check the Spoilers section for new news and information.

Update: 17:30 GMTHere is some additional info.

There has been some activity at the beach set the past two days.

No "base camp" sign yet but the gate was open all day yesterday & today. I saw a few big trucks driving in today.

I'll let you know when I see the "base camp" sign back again. That should mean actual filming has begun.

Source: HaleiwaDiva

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