DarkUFO - Lost

Congratulations to baby Aaron and to Liam Pace. They'll both be moving on to the second round, where the competition is all but surely going to be more difficult. Aaron's victory continues his trek from the prelims, the second of our prelim winners to make Round 2. We've still got one more prelim character hanging around in the wings yet. Will they be moving on as well?

That will have to wait for another night, as we've got an all female battle royale to tend to. Again, a very racially diverse bunch provide the fodder for our voting and debating pleasure. And, tonight features our first of three Main Character vs. Main Character matchups that are in Round 1.

The first matchup involves to women with miraculous situations- thanks to the Island, one became miraculously pregnant and the other was miraculously healed of cancer. In the second matchup, a determined Brit takes on a feisty American.

All four characters seem to have their supporters, meaning we might finally see two relatively close showdowns in the same day! That also means your votes may be crucial in determining the winners. I'll leave you to it. :-)

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