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All hail the victorious dead. Both Charlie and Libby won their battles and will be moving on to Round 2. Just like she left John Locke, Helen's left this tournament for good, and Rose can wait on the beach all she wants, but this time Bernard ain't coming back. Bernard's departure marks the second night in a row that a main character has been eliminated. (For those of you who beg to differ, a main character is someone who has had a flashback)

Will yet another main character be eliminated tonight? I can assure you, the answer is no. How can I be so confident? Simple- tonight's matchups are both between minor characters.Some of you may argue that none of these characters ought to advance, but this is what the non-virtual hat has given us.

So who will win between Jack's nephew and his ex-wife? And will it be Hurley and Locke's old boss or Charlie's brother? Only one way to find out, so let's get to it!

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