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Congratulations to Yesterdays winners The Other 48 Days and Walkabout, which became our 1st Season 1 episode to make it through to the last 16. Today we have an all Season 3 battle and an all Season 2 battle. Both winners be going forward into the last 16, and thanks to everyone who voted and commented. Today we have 2 Season 1 vs Season 2 Battles... could today be the first time we see a Season 1 episode progress into the last 16? Please feel free to leave comments about why you chose a particular episode and any highlights/memorable moments from them.

Only 2 more days of Round 2 left after todays matchups, which will see 4 episodes from the following going forward.

Flashes Before Your Eyes, I Do,Maternity Leave,Outlaws,Pilot,Raised by Another,The Long Con,White Rabbit

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