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Ubisoft's Lost video game still coming

Thanks to The_Black_Box for the following update on the Lost game, which appears to contradict some other info we've recently posted.

Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot just mentioned that the video game tie-in to the hit series "Lost" is still on schedule for 2007. The game, which is almost forgotten for lack of screenshots or any solid news that tell people of its existence, is not even included in Ubisoft UK's updated release schedule. Guillemot has reported though that it's still in development in Ubisoft's Montreal studio and will be released before 2007 ends.

GamesRadar is supposing that given Guillemot's statement, the Lost video game may not be released in 2007 since it's way too late for a game that doesn't even have any screenshots or reports of gameplay mechanics. That, or Ubisoft may have resorted to creating a simple Lost trivia game for handhelds due for release this Christmas.

Source: PSP Update

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