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Thanks to Tim for the heads up.

"Well, s--t, 10 years seems like the perfect time to get back together."

This is what Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof tells E! News exclusively of the rumors that a Lost reunion event may happen next year, either at Comic-Con or elsewhere. Lost first premiered in Sept, 2004.

But before you send your finest "Numbers" shirt to the cleaners to get it finely pressed, will it actually happen? Lindelof tells me that he personally has not been involved in any planning, but he's certainly open to the idea.

"Ten years does seem like the perfect time," Lindelof tells E! News. "But I also wonder if it's too soon? Especially if the announcement of such a panel would stir up rumors of MORE Lost, which is most definitely not in the cards at this time. That said, if someone was organizing it, I would be foolish not to attend...It's just not anything we've initiated internally."

Ya hear that, fandom? "Foolish not to attend." So….Who's gonna start the petition to rent out Hall H? Too soon to take a spot on the sidewalk outside?

Source: Full Article @ E!Online

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