DarkUFO - Lost

Still no earth-shattering upsets yet in the tourney. Here are yesterday's results:

Sayid 95.9% - Naomi 4.1%
Boone 65.01% - Michael 34.99%
Sawyer 96.84% - Lennon 3.16%
Mr. Eko 88.42% - David 11.58%

We're down to just 47 perfect brackets now! Round 1 has really cut the brackets apart. It will be interesting to see how the bracket points shift as the matchups get tighter.

Today we've got at least one matchup that could cause some headaches. There's a battle between a boy and a woman fans were left wanting more of, a DHARMA interloper going against a true-blue member, a man who believed in protecting the Island and a woman sent to do just that, and two characters introduced during Season Three that met with widely differing fan response. Get those votes in!

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