DarkUFO - Lost

The end is near, Lost fans! Well, the end of Round 1. Today is the last day of our opening round. Beginning tomorrow, we begin Round 2. Congrats to yesterday's winners, who we'll be seeing again:

Walt 67.73% - Libby 32.27%
Daniel 97.85% - Roger 2.15%
Locke 94.26% - 5.74%
Richard 96.14% - Nikki 3.86%

Now it's time to close out Round 1. Today we've got a man and a woman that were each a part of tragic romances, an Other going against a member of the freighter crew, a dentist going head to head with a scientist, and a time traveling woman taking on the guardian of the Island.

There's just 38 perfect brackets left. How many more will we lose today? Vote and we'll see!

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