DarkUFO - Lost

Thanks to Lost-Args for the following.

There was something else happening today but I can't quite remember.....:-) Ok, I'm kidding the LOST DVD's and BluRay for the 6th Season and also the complete collections are out today.

To go along with the release there is for a second year the LOST University. The site was updated overnight with the course details and there are lots of new news articles with dates suggesting they should have been released over the last few months, but only appeared today.

When the countdown clock reached zero there was a short, but fairly nondescript, video and the counter reset to 3 Months and 1 Day.

Big thanks to Patmc4Fun who managed to capture this video of the countdown reaching zero -

Let us know what happens when you get in to the Masters program by using your BluRay discs, and definitely let us know when you have passed your courses.

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