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Thanks to DarkUFO Reader Mark for sending us the following.

After spending a rigorous amount of time watching and rewatching episodes of Lost, I compiled a complete list of mysteries and answers within the show, with episodes in which the mystery was answered cited in their explanations. At over 70 pages, this document presents, as far as I know, the most complete and organized set of mysteries, answers, and unanswered mysteries within the show on the internet.

It should be noted that answers from the "New Man in Charge" epilogue are used.

Attached is the file of the mysteries and answers of Lost, made as accurate as I could. Only things were presented as mysteries are included.

A few facts:
Season 1 has 80 total mysteries, 6 unanswered mysteries
Season 2 has 106 total mysteries, 17 unanswered mysteries
Season 3 has 101 total mysteries, 16 unanswered mysteries
Season 4 has 135 total mysteries, 28 unanswered mysteries
Season 5 has 148 total mysteries, 38 unanswered mysteries
Season 6 has 93 total mysteries, 22 unanswered mysteries
LOST, in total, had 663 total mysteries, 536 answered mysteries, and 127 unanswered mysteries. However, many of those "unanswered mysteries" may not seem significant to some, though are presented as mysteries nonetheless

You can see the complete list below. Do you agree/Disagree with some of these? Do you have different answers?

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