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Vozzek69, Robz888, and Pearson Moore take on the toughest unanswered questions

What were Walt's powers? What was the Island's purpose? The most popular Lost essayists on the Internet took on the seven questions DarkUFO readers considered the most important. Agree or disagree, we know you'll find their responses enlightening.

In a poll conducted three weeks ago ("Which of these mysteries would you like to see discussed", posted on 8/07/2010) we asked readers to choose the top unresolved mysteries of Lost. These were the mysteries, as rated by DarkUFO readers:

1. What were Walt's powers, and where did they come from? 10.31%
2. What would have happened had the Smoke Monster left the island? 10.05%
3. What is the Island's purpose? 9.33%
4. Why did the Egyptian hieroglyphics (in Dead is Dead) depict the smoke
monster seemingly hundreds of years before we saw it created? 9.18%
5. What happened when Juliet set off the bomb (or did she?) 7.01%
6. Why did Richard Malkin (the psychic) warn Claire that no one but she could raise Aaron? 6.3%
7. What was the significance of Jacob's Cabin?

We are delighted to provide below short essays by Vozzek69, Robz888, and Pearson Moore on the top outstanding questions of the series.

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