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Update: 1st Sept The Brackets are now closed. We have Some Facts and Figures/Predictions based on all the bracket picks that you can read here.

Update: 31st August Less than 24 hrs to complete your bracket. Double check that yours is FULLY completed.

It's time to get those brackets filled out people for the final ever DarkUFO LOST Character Cup.

You can fill out your brackets here


Who do you think the final 4 will be? Who will make it through to the Final? Last year was Ben's year, will he reign supreme again?

Remember you can join/create mini-leagues to complete against your friends and family. We already have a Mini-League for the SpoilerTV Forums Members. Remember to let all your friends and/or other forums know about this so that they can sign up. The more the merrier :)

The Deadline for the Bracket Submission is 31st August so be sure you fill out the FULL Bracket including the percentages for the finale.

You can discuss this in the forum in our Official Thread

Previous Winners
Season 5 - Ben Linus (Runner up - Sawyer)
Season 4 - Desmond Hume (Runner up - Jack)
Season 3 - John Locke (Runner up - Desmond Hume)

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