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Update: 20th Feb Thanks to The ODI who recorded a podcast with Danny last night who sent us this audio updated

Danny hopes to have his 6.04 Recap up soon

Update: 19th Feb Had a quick chat with Vozzek and he wanted to let you know the following.

- First up a massive thanks for all the kind words and comments, he it truly appreciative
- He has the accommodation sorted out now and has his warehouse up and running also and is getting net connected
- He has watched 6.04 and is busily trying to write up his recap. So stay tuned :)

Update: 12:50 Just had a quick chat with Vozzek and he says thanks for all the kind comments so far. He's currently doing well and has a great set of friends, families and neighbours who are providing a great deal of help and support. He'll be moving into a mobile home with his family today which is being parked on his garden, and rebuilding should start soon.

Hi All,

Just thought I'd drop you a little note about our recapper Vozzek69. Unfortunately his entire house was destroyed by a fire a day ago. He and his family are all safe and well but are currently homeless whilst he starts trying to rebuild and recover what's left of his house.

He will be trying his best to get his 6.04 recap to use but as you can understand he has slightly bigger things to worry about.

All of us here at DarkUFO wish him and his family well during this awful experience.

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