DarkUFO - Lost

Hey all, so as promised we've got the first episode of our new Lost podcast, DarkUFOlogy, for you. Thanks for all the questions, we got to as many as we could.

The podcast is SPOILER FREE. While we discuss how the site is run, and spoilers from past episodes/seasons, there is absolutely no discussion about anything in upcoming episodes (no titles, no centricity details, no promo discussions, etc). In future episodes we will focus mostly on Lost, and much less on the history and behind the scenes workings of DarkUFO.

Visit the new DarkUFOlogy Podcast section of the site via the link or from the Menu.

Please leave all comments on the Podcast Page above and if you have any questions/suggestions for the next podcast please leave a comment above or email us here darkufology@spoilertv.com

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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