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Hey All,
Happy LOST Day!

Wow what a great premiere last week! We got several answers but in classic LOST fashion a ton more questions?

The answers, questions and more from the two hour premiere got us very chatty and we theorized and talked for awhile. So much so that we had to break the podcast into two parts!

In Part 1 we completely breakdown the LA X Parallel time line and provide you with our theories on what is happening. In part 2 we talk about the 2007 on-island timeline at the temple and Four-Toed Statue. There is also a spoilers segment with a preview of Episode 6x03 at the end of part 2.

Both parts are available on iTunes or for those that can not access iTunes here is a link to an audio player and download links for both parts.

Those having troubles with iTunes, make sure you subscribe, goto your podcasts library and once you are in ODI Podcast, right click and select "Update Podcast".

NOTE: Spoilers begin at 98 Minute Mark of PART 2


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