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UPDATE: The video is now up for your viewing pleasure. Also, check out the Week 2 Preview for my analysis of which characters are in dire straits as far as the LFL is concerned. Our rule book has been included at the end of the post as well.

I only had to watch it four times, but the scores are done! Sadly, due to a snowstorm that kept me shoveling over the weekend, the Super Bowl and some database issues, not everything is done yet for this first Lost Fantasy Update. The video update and my spoiler-free thoughts on Week 2's episode will be added to this post tomorrow. Everything else is here for you to read, I just need a little more time for the extras.

So, "LA X" has come and gone and what an impact it made! The Season 6 premier obliterated all kinds of LFL records. First of all, "LA X" scored a total of 1,810 points! That is almost double the score for last year's finale! This also means that many of our contestants have gotten off to unprecedented starts, now having more points after one episode than many earned all of last season.

And it doesn't stop there! While next week's episode is just one hour long, all of the points will be doubled! It doesn't get any more exciting than that. There are going to be a few minor format changes this year. Firstly, I've done away with my snarky episode recaps because there already several amazing recappers hard at work for this site that provide a lot more insight than I do with my sarcastic condensing of each episode. The video updates will also be a little different but you'll have to wait or tomorrow to learn how exactly.

Don't forget that you can use our Lost Fantasy Team Lookup Table to jog your memory of who all is on your Fantasy Team. You can also follow me behind the scenes each week by following the LFL on Facebook and Twitter.

So feast your eyes on all the goodies below and, if you think we got something wrong or simply overlooked some points, either let us know in the comment section or email me at LFLquestions@gmail.com!

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