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Congratulations to yesterday's winners; the "Jughead" bomb, the Driveshaft Ring, Sawyer's Letter, and Eko's Stick.

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Match 7: The Orchid Station Orientation Video introduced Locke to the notion of time travel. In the video, Pierre Chang ("Dr. Edgar Halliwax") makes mention of space and time, negatively charged "exotic matter", and electromagnetic energy. He is about to explain a demonstration on a bunny rabbit, but the video begins to rewind uncontrollably. The Circle of Ash is just that, and it formed a large circle around the mysterious cabin. It is thought that the ash acted as a boundary to keep someone or something at bay, like a prison. During Ilana and Bram's discovery of the cabin in Season 5, it was found that the circle of ash had been disturbed. The Four Toed Statue was first spotted by Sun, Sayid and Jin during their scouting mission. We didn't know then just how significant the statue was, but we now know it to be the home of Jacob. Prior to its destruction, the statue stood in the form of Egyptian goddess Taweret. An ankh was held in each hand. The Swan Station Computer Terminal was the bane of Desmond's island existence. It kept him confined to the Swan Station, having to input a series of numbers every 108 minutes in order to "save the world". Prior to Desmond's arrival on the island, it was Kelvin's job to push the button, and before that Radzinsky's. Later, Locke would take over the duty, but it was ultimately Locke that led to the computer's destruction, as well as the destruction of the station itself.

Match 8: Charlie's Guitar is another of Charlie's prized possessions. It was used as a bargaining chip, by Locke, to help Charlie move passed his drug addiction. Locke's Suicide Letter held a simple and powerful message. It was addressed to Jack, and simply said "I wish you had believed me". One of the most prominent questions at the moment is, who and what are Jacob and his adversary? They first appeared to us during a rather cryptic scene, in which they were wearing their respective shirts; one light, one dark. Are the white shirt and black shirt significant to their intentions? Or are we, the viewers, being misled. The Hatch Door was inadvertently discovered by Boone. It was one of our first major clues that the island was more than it seemed. After failed attempts at trying to open the door, it was Boone's death that led Locke to the brink of despair. It was during that time that a beam of light shot up from the hatch door, renewing Locke's faith.

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