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Congratulations go to the Four Toed Statue, the Swan Station Computer Terminal, the Hatch Door, and Charlie's Guitar.

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Match 9: Within the stone walls of his statue home, Jacob wove a large tapestry portraying the winged eye of Horus. Servants kneel before the eye. The tapestry also features harvest workers and sail ships. When Desmond first arrived on the island, he was approached by a man (named Kelvin) in a bright yellow hazmat suit, then taken to the hatch. Desmond later found that the hazmat suit was to protect from illness on the island, which turned out to be a lie. During the island flashes, Daniel and Desmond had an exchange, in which Desmond was wearing the hazmat suit. Jeremy Bentham's coffin revealed to us the true identity of Jeremy Bentham, in a scene that shocked and stunned viewers. Locke's wheelchair represents Locke's life before the island. It represents his struggles since losing the ability of his legs. The wheelchair was his bane, and prevented him from pursuing his dreams. After arriving on the island and miraculously regaining his ability to walk, he decided to burn the wheelchair in the fuselage fire.

Match 10: The mysterious cabin, once referred to as Jacob's cabin, seemed to appear and disappear at its choosing. The cabin was supposedly built by Horace, and was the setting to many interesting scenes, the most recent of which involved Ilana and her group burning the cabin down. Many theorize that the cabin was a prison. The freighter ship was sent to seek out the island by a certain Mr. Charles Widmore. The personnel on board were hired by Widmore for their particular expertise. The intentions of some of Widmore's recruits were a little less than favourable, which ultimately led to the destruction of the freighter ship. The Swan Station Orientation film was our first real glimpse at the people behind the scientific island structures; the Dharma Initiative. Narrated by "Dr. Marvin Candle", the film offered a brief history of the initiative, as well as the purpose and procedures of the Swan Station. The Nigerian plane was intended to smuggle heroin out of the country, but fate had it crash onto the island. The plane was discovered by Locke and Boone. Boone lost his life to the plane, the onboard heroin offered up a challenge for Charlie, and Eko was eventually reunited with his brother, Yemi.

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