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Mysteries of the Universe - Part 4


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NARRATOR: We now return to Mysteries of the Universe: the Dharma Initiative.

Many times, smaller organizations are controlled by a larger, shadowy company. Silent and hiding in the dark, but secretly funneling resources, without a clear link. Much of what we have uncovered is layered in anecdotal evidence and legend. However, there are hard, documented facts, and several flesh and blood people who are pulling the strings.

Our mysteries researchers have found a strong link between the Dharma Initiative, and what could be a larger, more powerful force working behind the scenes, spearheaded by a man named Alvar Hanso. Who is the man, and what does he have to do with the Dharma Initiative? Details about Alvar Hanso are shrouded in mystery. But his reputation is made clear through public documents and records.

A Danish World War II munitions profiteer, Alvar Hanso provided weapons and ammunition during the war to various resistance movements around Europe, earning him a large fortune. After the war, Alvar Hanso became the leading purveyor of high-technology armaments to NATO, some say stopping only after what he felt was guilt and regret about profiting from war and destruction.

However, before the war, Alvar Hanso attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for a year, as a foreign exchange student. There he lived with a family, the DeGroots, and developed an affinity for the local area. At that time, this man, Gerald DeGroot, was eight years old. It is said that Alvar found him precocious and charming.

Curiously, when our research team tried to uncover DeGroot's college records, they found them to be expunged, erased from existence. Piecing together from secondhand resources, we deduced that Alvar's undergraduate degree was in chemistry, from a university in Billen, Denmark. And he returned to a university in Michigan for a Master's in engineering; quite possibly, spending more time with the DeGroots, and bonding with Gerald. We suspect the families stayed in touch over the years.

Then, when Gerald was a graduate student, in his search for financial backing for his project, the Dharma Initiative, he contacted his family friend, Alvar Hanso, for funding. Who exactly is Gerald DeGroot? We tried to investigate further into the DeGroot-Hanso connection, but we were stymied at every turn. Our team went to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to this location: a DeGroot laboratory, but were barred from entering. Barred from the truth.

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