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Yesterday's battle between two lovers was a sad affair and it was also a pretty easy victory for Sawyer. He moves into the Semifinals of the 2009 Character Cup.

Sawyer 73% - Juliet 27%

Sawyer was the overwhelming favorite in the brackets. He was predicted to win in 88.7% of all brackets. Juliet was only predicted to win in an even 6% of all brackets. Speaking of the brackets, you guessed it! Sean "Luhks" Luhks is still leading our bracket competition with a perfect set of predictions. There are only three matches left that will determine our winner. Will Luhks be able to hang on or will he falter at the end? You have to love the excitement!

Now we move on to the Semifinals! Our first Final Four matchup pits the winners of the first two Character Cups against each other. Both are looking for a second taste of glory but only one will make it to the Finals, riding there on your votes. Both competitors have led very tortured lives. One led a life of utter significance and always pined for some kind of calling or purpose. The other spent much of his life in search of honor and respect. Both of them found their way to the Island, though under very different circumstances. Desmond Hume crashed there while sailing around the world. John Locke came years later as an original Lostie aboard Oceanic Flight 815 and was healed of his paralysis.

Both of these men had an unintentional impact on the others life. When Locke bat on the Hatch door following Boone's death, Desmond knew that he didn't cause the end of the world and had hope. When Desmond turned the light on in the Hatch, Locke saw it as a sign and had hope. When Desmond abandoned the Hatch computer, Locke took up the task. They were both present at the end of the Hatch's existence. As a result, Desmond gained the ability to see flashes of the future. Locke met the Others and eventually became their leader for a few moments. Desmond left the Island with the Oceanic 6 and swore never to return after being reunited with his long lost love. Locke left the Island after turning the Frozen Donkey Wheel and was tasked with bringing the Oceanic 6 back to the Island. To do so, he had to die and appears to still be dead after returning to the Island on Ajira 316.

The question is this- which of these awesome characters will you help get back to the Finals?

Semifinal #1: Desmond vs. Locke

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