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What a day! We were finally treated to a close match again courtesy of Hurley and Desmond. Hurley started out with the lead but Des caught up and managed to hold him off by just over 200 votes. Sun didn't fair as well against Kate but it was a good day for voter turnout nonetheless.

Kate 62% - Sun 38%
Desmond 53% - Hurley 47%

In all, 62% of our bracketeers predicted a Desmond win in Round 3. Hurley garnered a respectable 35.6%. Kate was predicted to win in only 51.1% of all brackets, while Sun only earned 23% confidence.

There are still two prefect brackets but that is going to change today. Both of our perfect predictors leaned the same way in today's second matchup but they are at odds with the result of our first match. Unless there is a major upset in our second matchup, only one perfect bracket shall proceed into Round 4. Who will it be?

First up today are two men of science. One is a doctor of medicine and the other is a professor of physics. One is dead and the others fate was left hanging in the Season 5 finale. Is it Jack's destiny to move on to the quarterfinals or is Daniel the worthy opponent capable of ending Jack's run that many have been waiting for?

Our second battle is between two men who, at varying times, were believed to be the leader of the Others. These two men have an interesting history. They have crossed paths many times. John Locke may have aged during this span but Richard Alpert still looks as young and lively as he did in 1954. Will you support the dead man or the man who put his faith in the dead man?

Match #7: Jack vs. Daniel

Match #8: Locke vs. Richard

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