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Howdy folks! Can you believe that the first three rounds are over already? This means that we have arrived at the quarterfinals! But who are the last two character joining us? Why that would be Jack and Locke, of course!

Jack 61% - Daniel 39%
Locke 70% - Richard 30%

Jack was predicted to win in Round 3 on 72.7% of all brackets, with Daniel only picking up 25.8% support. Locke wasn't the overwhelming favorite we expected. Only 82.5% of bracketeers picked him to win. Still, compared to Richard's 16.4% prediction, Locke dominated.

There's now only one perfect bracket left! Congratulations to Sean "Luhks" Luhks for making it this far. Can he possibly go all the way? Today might actually give us the answer to that question.

Our first Character Cup Quarterfinal Matchup is a rematch of last year's Finals. Neither man is a stranger to success in the Character Cup. But today, one of them will see their run cut short. These men met once in their lives before the Island, making for a very awkward reunion in the belly of the Hatch. They escaped the Island together but went their separate ways. They were reunited once more when their objectives intersected at the same point. One returned to the Island while the other held fast to his vow of never returning. They have earned their way into the Elite Eight but only one can make the Final Four. Will it be the Doctor or the Scotsman?

Quarterfinal #1: Jack vs. Desmond

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