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And we're back in action! Last week, Lock had no problem defeating Sayid, earning his way into the Semifinals.

Locke 76% - Sayid 24%

Locke was predicted to win in 72.4% of all brackets while Sayid was predicted to win in 2.4% of all brackets. So Locke was pretty much guaranteed a win. Will today's battle be any closer?

Sean "Luhks" Luhks still leads the bracket competition with a still-flawless set of predictions. How much longer can he hold out at the top?

Quarterfinal #3 finds two very important characters going head to head. One is an original Lostie and the other is the former leader of the Others. One was taken prisoner and tormented by the other only to later to be enabled to escape the Island with the help of her former captor. Both have gained custody of children that aren't theirs and have lost them along the way in one form or another. One is a mastermind genius capable of all things evil. The other is a cold-blooded killer who came to the Island as a prisoner. Both came back to the Island via Ajira 316, but in different time periods.

Quarterfinal #3: Ben vs. Kate

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