DarkUFO - Lost

Ouch. That's all I have to say about yesterday's match. Ouch.

Ben 82% - Kate 18%

Ben was predicted to win in 87.9% of all brackets. Kate was predicted to win in just 3.4%. This leaves Sean "Luhks" Luhks still in first place in our bracket competition. Will he enter the Semifinals with a perfect bracket?

Our fourth and last Quarterfinal truly is a tragic affair. These two combatants started out as enemies but eventually became lovers. One is an original Lostie and has been with us since the beginning. The other debuted as an Other during Season 3 but defected to the Lostie cause along the way. When the Island disappeared, they were transported through time to the days of the DHARMA Initiative. Through difficulty and deceit these two made each other whole and fell in love. He helped a distressed fertility doctor find purpose and she helped melt a former con man's heart. The Season 5 finale saw one of these two supposedly give up their life so the other might live. Which of these star-cross'd lovers will you support?

Quarterfinal #4: Sawyer vs. Juliet

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