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Boy oh boy! Three days in a row and still no competitive matches! Mikhail and Anthony Cooper barely even put up a fight against their opponents. Here's how yesterday's matches ended up:

Sawyer 90% - Mikhail 10%
Smokey 85% - Cooper 15%

Sawyer was predicted to win in 98.9% of all brackets compared to Mikhail's paltry 0.5%. Smokey was predicted to win in only 62.1% of all brackets but that's still leaps and bounds ahead of Cooper's 1.1%. So we still have yet to see a statistical upset. Might today finally be the day?

The first battle of the day probably won't bring any surprises but you never can tell in the Character Cup. We've got an original Lostie going up against an Other. Will Rose's sass and spirit be enough to overpower Ben?

The second matchup could finally be our wild card draw. An original Lostie who hasn't appeared regularly since Season 1 going up against a member of the Freighter Four, who has shown up pretty regularly since his debut in Season 4. Will you vote for the boy with mysterious powers or the man who was supposed to pilot Flight 815?

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