DarkUFO - Lost

Another day, another set of easy matches. Has the drama gone away? Nah. We'll get to the good, hard fights soon enough. Here's how yesterday turned out:

Sun 87% - Carmen 13%
Jack 81% - Boone 19%

Sun was selected to win in 93.5% of all brackets and Jack was predicted to win in 97.1% of all brackets. So, all those hard core Carmen and Boone fans surely had some realists amongst their bracketeering members ;-)

So what's in store for today? Will we finally see an upset? You never can tell.

Up first today is a heavyweight contender and a supporting character with a decent following. Both enjoy a little throw-down now and then, so this could get ugly. Will the Patch Batch and the anti-Sawyer establishment band together to cause an upset or will the Southerner knock out the Soviet?

Our second bout is between two supporting characters, both of whom could be classified as monsters. Both have only appeared in a few episodes and have impacted different people in different ways. Will it be the cloud or the con man? The smoke or the slime ball?

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