DarkUFO - Lost

What a day, Lost fans! While none of the matchups were particularly close, there was plenty of moving and shaking going on with the brackets. Here's how things turned out:

Smokey 64% - Widmore 36%
Jack 82% - Tom 18%
Sawyer 92% - Keamy 8%
Claire 89% - Nadia 11%

So it looks like Hater Nation is still around. The anti-Jack establishment seems to be mobilizing very early. The anti-Sawyer troops must have taken the day off though. Did Widmore's loss to Smokey surprise you? Can the black cloud of awesomeness pull off a Round 2 win? We'll see.

We still haven't seen any statistical upsets yet as far as those brackets go but we're down to just 26 perfect bracketeers! We've got one day left in Round 1 to stir things up!

Today looks like it could be a deal breaker for a number of you. At least two of the matches are expected to be close but we'll see in 24 hours just how close they really were. Up first is man's desire versus man's best friend. The second match is between two supporting characters from two different time periods. Third is a battle between two Tailies. Batting cleanup is slugfest between a father and a mother.

Let's close out Round 1 with a bang!

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