DarkUFO - Lost

After an unexpected day off, we're back with some Character Cup action! Three of Monday's matches weren't big surprises but there was a tight race in the mix. Here's how it all turned out:

Carmen 54% - Roger 46%
Christian 85% - Matthew 15%
Juliet 97% - Carole 3%
Locke 95% - Naomi 5%

Perfect brackets keep dropping like flies! There are now just 40 bracketeers left clinging to a spotless record. How much longer will it last? Well we might knock a few more people out of the running for that $100 today.

Our first matchup is a battle between two supporting characters who have also had flashbacks. The second match is another battle of the blonds. Match #3 pits an off-Island character against someone who has appeared on and off the Island. The final bout is between two of the new kids on the block.

So, who is going to win? Let's find out!

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