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UPDATE: Terribly sorry for keeping you all waiting! I got buried in a lot of other things today. The Character Cup will resume tomorrow at the normal time. It's probably better this way because now we'll get to start Round 2 next Monday. :-)

And we're back for another week of crazy elimination fun! Today we're starting on the second half of Round 1. Come Friday we'll be on Round 2 already! Only one match last Friday was worth worrying over. Here's how it all ended up:

Ben 93% - Alex 7%
Hurley 93% - Michael 7%
Mikhail 57% - Ana Lucia 43%
Richard 95% - Arzt 5%

Today's matchups could be interesting. I foresee at least two blowouts though. Our first battle pits two parents against each other. The second match sees two mysterious men going at it. Third up is a battle of the blondes! Lastly we've got a battle between two characters that was already sort of seen on the show itself.

There's only 78 perfect brackets left so far. Will any of today's matchups mark the end of someone else's quest for perfection? We'll find out.

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